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How to add a Crew Member to your profile

A Crew Member is anyone you regularly have abord your vessel. Adding Crew Members to your profile makes creating float plans a snap because you'll just select the members you are traveling with.

To add a new Crew Member to your Float Plan Registry profile, follow these steps:

Navigate to the crew member edit page

  1. Login to your Float Plan Registry account.
  2. Choose Crew from the menu.
  3. From the Crew Members page, click the Add a Crew Member link near the bottom of the page.

Enter Crew Member Information

  1. Enter the Crew Member's First Name.
  2. Enter the Crew Member's Last Name.
  3. Enter the Address in the contact address section. This will auto-populate the address fields.
  4. Enter their Home Phone.
  5. Enter their Mobile Phone.
  6. Choose gender.
  7. Supply the Crew Member's Date of Birth
  8. Select Default? if you want this crew member automatically included in new float plans.
  9. Click Save.