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How to create a float plan

To file a float plan, you can either create one from scratch using the Float Planning tool, or copy an existing plan. Once you publish your float plan, your contacts will receive an email containing a link they can use to view your float plan online. You can also save your plan without publishing and continue editing the plan until you feel it's ready for distribution.

To bulid a float plan, select New Float Plan from your home page.

1: Plan Details

The first step is to enter basic details about your float plan. Give your float plan a name, enter your departure and return dates, and optionally fill in a description. Click Save.

When you save your float plan for the first time, a "Return Home" checkpoint is created and your profile's default crew and contacts automatically assigned. You may publish your basic plan, or continue adding more detail as described below.

2: Checkpoints

Checkpoints are visible on the Itinerary tab.

A Checkpoint is any notable location you plan to visit. You can use checkpoints to form an itinerary, with each checkpoint representing a specific location you plan to visit.

A "Return Home" checkpoint is created automatically, and indicates your return to port.

You may enable alerts for any checkpoint. If alerts are enabled for a checkpoint, you're telling Float Plan Registry to expect a check-in status from you at or before your indicated overdue time. Float Plan Registry will send you a check-in reminder with options to check-in, snooze, or cancel your checkpoint alerts.

If alerts are enabled for a checkpoint, and a check-in status is not received by you by the "overdue after" time you specified for the alert, the system will automatically notify your float plan contacts.

To add a new Checkpoint, click Add Checkpoint at the bottom of the Itinerary tab. Enter the checkpoint location, optional description, and your estimated time of arrival. If we wish to have a check-in reminder, click the "Activate Alerts" checkbox and supply an Overdue After date and time. This will trigger automatic check-in reminders to you, and over-due notices to your contacts if you happen to miss the checkpoint.

3: Crew List

View or add crew to your float plan from the Crew tab.

If you defined "default" crew members when you setup your profile, they will be automatically selected. Choose the crew members from your crew list that will be part of this float plan.

Don't for get the Captain! Be sure to create a crew member record for the captain.

4: Guest List

Click the Guests tab to view / add guests to your plan.

If you will have guests aboard in addition to your crew members, enter their information on your guest list. Much of the information is optional, but we encourage you to be as detailed as possible.

5: Contact List

Contacts are visible from the Contacts tab.

If you defined "default" contacts when you setup your profile, they will be automatically selected. Choose the contacts you wish to have this plan sent to when published. Anyone you select will receive an email with a link to your float plan which can be used to view the plan once published.

6: Preview

Click the Preview button to review the information on your float plan for accuracy.

7: Publish

When you're ready to share your float plan with your contacts, click the Publish button. An email is sent to each of the contacts you specified on your float plan. The email contains a link they may use to view your float plan online.