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How do I create a Virtual Yacht Club

A Virtual Yacht Club allows you to connect with other members and interact through your float plans.

To setup a Virtual Yacht Club, follow these steps:

1: Adjust Security Settings

First, adjust your security settings so that other members may find you.

2: Search Members

Use the Find New Yacht Club Members page to locate members to add to your Yacht Club.

3: Invite

Once you locate a member you wish to add to your Virtual Yacht Club, click the Invite button on the Find New Yacht Club Members page.

An email invitation is sent to the member asking them to join your yacht club.

3: Invite - Alternate

If the member you wish to invite isn't a member of Float Plan Registry or has a private profile, you may use the Send Email Invitation module to directly invite them with an email.

An email invitation is delivered with a link they may follow to connect with you.