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How to add a Spot device to your profile

Adding a Spot tracking device to your Float Plan Registry profile allows your float plans to show your real-time progress. When your contacts visit your float plan page, they will see your Spot tracking messages overlaid on your itinerary map.

To add a new Spot tarcking device to your Float Plan Registry profile, follow these steps:

Navigate to the add Spot Device page

  1. Login to your Float Plan Registry account.
  2. Choose Profile -> SPOT Tracking from the menu.
  3. From the Spot Devices page, click the Add a New Device link near the bottom of the page.

Enter Device Information

  1. Enter the Spot device's Shared Page URL into the Shared Page Url field.
  2. If your Spot Shared Page is password protected, supply the password in the Page Password field.
  3. Click the Test Connection button. This will initiate a connection to the FindMeSpot servers verifying connection to your device.
  4. Select the Vessel to associate the device with.
  5. Click Save.