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How Float Plan Registry Works

The Float Plan Registry is designed to make filing a float plan easy and convenient. Once you register and complete your profile, filing a float plan takes only a few moments.

Create your profile, create and share float plans, and receive automatic check-in reminders and overdue notices.

1. Create Your Profile

Your secure online profile contains
						detailed information about your vessel, crew, and emergency contacts making it reusable
						for all your float plans. Enter your vessel, crew, and emergency contacts into your secure profile one time and use it on all your float plans.
  • Vessel Profile - Enter details about your boat such as name, color, make, model, year, home port or usual launch location, etc. Profile as many boats as you wish and even specify a default vessel.
  • Crew Members - Profile each member of your crew. Create as many crew members as you need and specify which are your defaults.
  • Contacts - Create a list of your emergency contacts - the people you'll share your float plans with. Your contacts automatically receive an email with a link to your online float plans when they are published. Create as many contacts as you wish and even specify a default set.

2. Create & Share Float Plans

Vessel, crew, guest,
						and itinerary information are combined into a float plan.  A link to the
						online float plan is automatically delivered to your contacts

Use the powerful float plan wizard tool to quickly create float plans, duplicate a previous plan, or even create a new float plan by "joining" an itinerary location of a virtual yacht club member.

Float plans are immediately delivered to your emergency contacts when they are published. Each contact receives an email with a link to your float plan they can use to view your plan online. Any updates to the float plan, including check-in status updates, are immediately visible to your contacts.

You may also choose to share float plan itinerary information with members of your virtual yacht club. Their float plan itinerary information is also visible to you.

3. Receive Alerts

Automatic Check-in Reminders

If you activate Alerts for any itinerary destination on your Float Plan, the system will automatically send you a check-in reminder email and text message with the following options:

  • Check-in - Tells the system (and your contacts) that you've arrived at your destination as anticipated.
  • Snooze - Like hitting the snooze button on your alarm clock, this action tells the system to delay your check-in by an hour each time you hit the snooze.
  • Cancel - Tells the system you've changed your mind, and sets the destination's status to cancelled.
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Automatic Overdue Notices

Overdue notices are automatically sent to float plan contacts when required checkpoints are missed.

If you activate Alerts for an itinerary destination on your Float Plan, the system will automatically send overdue notices to your contacts if fail to check-in by the overdue-after date and time you specify.

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