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What's new with Float Plan Registry?

10/21/2015 - Show History Default
Change the member home page to show historical float plans by default.
6/12/2015 - Added text search to vessel log
Added the ability to search for vessel log entries by title or text.
6/8/2015 - Allowed for removal of vessel email
Added the ability to remove a vessel's system generated email used for sending electronic log entries.
1/17/2015 - Simplified home page filtering
Reduced the filters on the member home page to the core set. Removed the filters that were infrequently used and complicating the layout on smaller devices.
1/5/2015 - Responsive layout
The member area has been rebuilt for better responsivness on smaller devices. The interface has been optimized for iPad, phone, and tablet use.
12/31/2014 - Responsive layout
The main part of the website was rebuilt for better responsivness on smaller devices. The interface has been optimized for iPad, phone, and tablet use.
6/10/2014 - SMS vessel log entries
Adding entries to your vessel log just got a little easier! If you have a quick note you'd like add to your vessel log while on the go, simply send a text message.
6/4/2014 - Redesign float planning tool
The float plan wizard tool has been redesigned to make it more streamlined and easier to use. I hope you find the changes useful!
5/31/2014 - Added Emergency Contact Information for Guests
At the suggestion of a Kayaking friend, we've added emergency contact information for guests that are part of a float plan.
3/2/2014 - Find VYC Members Proximity Search
Added the ability to search for prospective Virtual Yacht Club members using a proximity filter. Now you can search for members within a specific distance of any city or location.
3/1/2014 - VYC Member Filters
Added the ability to filter your Virtual Yacht Club member list by vessel, home port, or name.
12/15/13 - Drag and Drop itinarary chagnes
Modified the Itinarary calendar view to allow drag and drop update of date and time values. Now you can change the date and time of any itinary checkpoint with a simple mouse drag action.
11/21/13 - Float Plan Comment Notices
Setup a new process that notifies members when other members have commented on their float plans. Fixed a bug with float plan commenting that was cutting comments off at the first comma.
11/16/13 - Float Plan Comments
Added the ability for members to comment on other member's (and their own) float plans.
11/13/13 - Float Plan Notifications
When a virtual yacht club member creates a new float plan, an email notice is now sent to all other yacht club members. Fixed hover event for security settings pop-up help.
10/14/13 - Home page redesign
The home page has been redesigned into an all-in-one float plan viewer. You can now view all the float plans you have access to in one place. Powerful filters allow you to view and search plans belonging to you, your virtual yacht club members, their friends, or all together. A separate notification feature has been added to streamline the notification process.
9/23/13 - Vessel Log
Keep track of anything related to a vessel in the new Vessel Log. Use the website to create and manage a vessel's log or even email ship's log entries to Float Plan Registry using a special email address assigned to your vessel.
9/22/13 - Enhanced SPOT device setup
Adding a SPOT Device to your profile and assigning it to a vessel has been made easier. You can now assign a spot device to your vessel from the vessel profile screen, as well as assign one or more vessels to a spot device from the spot device screen.
8/30/13 - Public Float Plans
Added the ability to make float plans public. When building a float plan, you may now choose whether to make it publically accessible via a unique url.
7/25/13 - Featured in Sea Magazine
Float Plan Registry gets press in Sea Magazine. Read article.
6/19/13 - Added support for SPOT devices
Added support for SPOT devices. You can now add your spot devices to your Float Plan Registry profile. Spot messages are periodically downloaded and overlayed on vessel float plans.
6/3/13 - Added SMS support
SMS support. Check-in using SMS. If SMS is enabled in your profile, the system will text you check-in reminders. Simply respond to the text message with "CHECKIN", "SNOOZE", or "OFF" and your float plan will be updated accordingly.
5/23/13 - Support for Kayakers
Added kayak as a vessel type.
4/7/13 - Added Calendar view of events
You can now view your virtual yacht club member events using a calendar view.
3/15/13 - Google Places auto-complete added
In various places throughout the application that require entry of a location, an auto-complete Google Places lookup has been added to make the process easier and more precise.
2/20/13 - Added Google Map Support
A google map has been added to float plans that shows float plan itinerary information. Refine your vessel home port location using an interactive Google map. You can also use a Google map to define itinerary locations on your float plans.
2/18/13 - Added Virtual Yacht Clubs
Connect with other Float Plan Registry members to form a Virtual Yacht Club. Members of Virtual Yacht Clubs may share certain float plan information.
10/11/12 - Improved Float Plan Wizard
Extensive improvements to the Float Planning wizard have been made to make navigation easier and more user friendly.
9/14/12 - Vessel Equipment List
Vessel profiles have been improved with selectable equipment items.
8/1/12 - Float Plan Registry Launched
The first release of Float Plan Registry was made publically available.