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Automated Boater Safety

How does Float Plan Registry Help Automate Boater Safety?

  1. Automatic Distribution of Float Plans - A key time saving feature of filing your float plan with Float Plan Registry is its automatic distribution to your contacts. Unlike paper oriented float plans that you must manually distribute to your trusted contacts, our float plans are automatically emailed to your contacts.
  2. Automatic Check-in Reminders - We all have a lot going on these days! It's easy to forget to contact the people you filed your float plan with and let them know you have returned home safely. No worries. With Float Plan Registry, you'll receive a reminder notification just after your scheduled check-in. Simply click the check-in button on your check-in reminder and you're done. Your float plan is automatically updated and check-in status instantly visible to all your contacts.
  3. Automatic Overdue Notices - The most important reason for filing a float plan is so that others may alert emergency resources in the event that your plan hasn't worked out so well. Your float plan information is invaluable to emergency responders. Proper information will help responders locate you as quickly as possible and lend assistance. Time is crucial!

    Float Plan Registry can automatically notify your float plan contacts when you are overdue.
  4. Automatic Inclusion of Vessel information in Float Plans - With a traditional paper based float plan, you must enter your vessel information each time you file a float plan. Float Plan Registry stores your vessel information in your secure profile and automatically includes it in any float plan you create.
  5. Automatic Inclusion of Crew information in Float Plans - Most often, we travel with the same crew; our friends or family members. Float Plan Registry makes it easy to create a default crew list. Your default crew is automatically included in new float plans. While building the plan, you can simply accept the default crew or select the crew configuration you plan to travel with.
  6. Automatic Inclusion of Contact information in Float Plans - Float Plan Registry also maintains a list of your contacts - people you trust with your float plan information. You can setup a default group of contacts in your secure profile that are automatically included in your new float plans. While building your float plan, you can simply accept this default group of contacts, or select others defined in your profile.