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Check-in Reminders

Float Plan Registry can remind you when it's time to check-in. Around the the scheduled arrival time of a destination, the sytem can send you a text message and/or an email reminding you it's time to update the status of your Float Plan.

Setting up Reminders

When creating your Float Plan itinerary, you may choose to enable check-in reminders for any destination. Setting reminders is always optional.

SMS Reminders

A text message is delivered to your cell phone around the time of you're expected at a destination. The message includes options to check-in, snooze, or cancel your arrival.

Responding with one of the given options updates your Float Plan immediately.

Email Reminders

An email message is delivered to you around the time of your expected arrival at a destination with options for checking-in, delaying, or cancelling.

Check-in Options

Each reminder will present you with three check-in options.

  • Check In - Indidates you've reached your destination.
  • Snooze - Delay the check-in requirement one hour.
  • Cancel - Clears the requirement to check-in.