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Float Planning

Most float plans can be created and published in a matter of seconds using the float planning tool.

The Float Plan Tool is simple and easy to use.

Building a Float Plan...

  1. Plan Summary - Give your float plan a name, choose departure and return dates, and add an optional description.
  2. Itinerary - Document the specific locations you plan to visit. Use the interactive Google Map to pinpoint the exact location. Activate alerts to receive check-in reminders and activate the automated overdue system.
  3. Crew - When you created your profile, you supplied information about your crew. Now it's a simple matter of selecting each crew member that will be joining you. Even better, if you specified a default crew list, those crew members will be automatically included making the process even easier!
  4. Guests - If you will have people on board in addition to your crew, you'll enter their information on the guest list.
  5. Contacts - When you created your profile, you supplied information about your contacts (the people you want your float plans automatically sent to). Here you simply choose which of your contacts will receive your plan, or if you specified default contacts, those will be automatically included.
  6. Preview - Preview your float plan as your contacts will see it.
  7. Publish - When you're ready to share your float plan with your contacts, a click of the Publish button is all that's needed. An email is sent to each of the contacts you specified on your float plan. The email contains a link they may use to view your float plan online.