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Secure Profile

Most information on a float plan is reusable. In other words, if you filed a float plan for your last trip, why not reuse the applicable information for this trip?

Your secure online profile contains
						detailed information about your vessel, crew, and emergency contacts making it reusable
						for all your float plans.

Your vessel information, your crew member information, even the contacts you'd share a float plan with are very often the same. Float Plan Registry packages all this reusable information into your secure profile and automatically includes it in your float plans. You never enter the same information twice!

  • Your Vessel - You can profile as many boats as you wish, and even specify one as your default. Your boat profile includes information such as name, color, make, model and year, registration information, engine and fuel information, safety equipment, etc. You can even upload an image of your boat that is automaticlly included in all your published float plans as well.
  • Your Crew - Very often we boat with the same members of our family or friends - your crew. Each member of your crew, including the captain, is entered into your crew list. Name, date of birth, contact information, address, etc. are all part of a crew member profile. You can create as many crew members are you wish, and even designate default crew members - the crew you normally have aboard.
  • Your Contacts - These are people you trust to act on your behalf in an emergency. The people you want to receive your Float Plan when it is published. You profile each person you'll send your float plans to. Name, address, contact information and the like are part of a contact's profile. Here again you can specify default contacts which are automatically included in new float plans you build.