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The Virtual Yacht Club

For many, one of the best aspects of boating is spending time with friends.

Virtual yacht clubs allow you to
					share limited profile and float plan information with other boaters.

Float Plan Registry allows you to build your own Virtual Private Yacht Club. Members of your yacht club can see the events your have planned (float plans) and you theirs, making your boating experience more interactive.

Sharing & Viewing

Use the powerful events viewer to see what your firends have scheduled.

You may view scheduled events in three ways:

  1. Simple list view - showing a chronological list of float plan checkpoints
  2. Calendar view - showing each float plan location on a calendar
  3. Map view - shows float plan locations as pins on a Google map

Hover or click an image to enlarge.

Instantly Connect

Instantly connect with your Virtual Yacht Club members in a single click. Use the Events viewer to find a friend visting a destination of your choosing and click Connect, Float Plan Registry will automatically build you a float plan to that destination.

Sharing and Security

Flexible security controls allow you to decide who your float plan location information is shared with:

  1. Only Me - All your information is private. Nothing is shared.
  2. Yacht Club Members - Float plan location information is visible to your virtual yacht club members.
  3. Friends of Yacht Club Members - Enables sharing one level beyond your yacht club members.
  4. Public - Limited information is visible to other Float Plan Registry members.